Pirn categories

Pirn Categories

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Pirn categories

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My guess is that you get a lot of things that come along with this life. Software and hardware, cars and appliances... and thats what makes life so interesting. The more stuff there are, the more you can do. And so, I have one realistic, understandable question: why do we keep this life?
Well, its easy to see why: it is a good way to make some extra cash.
Most of my hobbies are here in Barcelona. My work, my friends, my friends... all the social events. Life here is very important to me. I like to have a lot of friends because in a small town you have more people who like you. And I like to be surrounded by beautiful people. I like to spend time with people who love me. I like to be surrounded by people who are doing physical things to me and that makes me very happy.
I like it, I like it. And as long as I can have some fun, I like to stay in Barcelona

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